Seattle Charter Amendment #27

Join the campaign to bring Ranked-Choice Voting to Seattle elections.
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Ranked Choice Voting in Seattle elections

We are in the signature-gathering phase! Please Join us in collecting signatures in the city of Seattle.

To the City Council of The City of Seattle: We, the undersigned registered voters of The City of Seattle, State of Washington, purpose and ask for the amendment to the City of Seattle Charter known as Charter Amendment No. 27 entitled:

BALLOT TITLE: Charter Amendment No. 27 concerns ranked-choice voting for Seattle municipal elections.

If passed, this charter amendment would create ranked-choice voting for Seattle municipal primaries or, if state law permits, eliminate primary elections and have ranked-choice voting for general elections. Ranked-choice voting would allow voters to rank candidates in order of choice. If a voter’s first choice received the fewest votes, then that voter’s second choice would be counted and so on, until only two candidates remained for a primary or if no primary was held, one candidate remained for a general election.

Should this measure be enacted into law?


View the full text of the charter amendment by CLICKING HERE.

Click HERE for a downloadable and printable copy of signature petition. All petitions should be printed on 11″x17″, white, at least 28# weight paper and be double-sided and black and white.

Seattle CA 27 is endorsed by the following stellar organizations and people:

  • Fix Democracy First
  • Green Party of Washington
  • Washington Berniecrats Coalition


  • Rebecca Saldaña, WA State Senator (37th Legislative District)
  • Rep. Nicole Macri, WA State Representative (43rd Legislative District)
  • Brady Walkinshaw, former WA State Representative (43rd Legislative District)
  • Cary Moon, candidate for mayor
  • Jon Grant, candidate for Seattle City Council
  • Teresa Mosqueda, candidate for Seattle City Council
  • Pat Murakami, candidate for Seattle City Council
  • Hilery Avritt (FairVote WA)
  • Reginald T. Ball (Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion/Seattle Fire Department)
  • David Bangs (FairVote WA/Fix Democracy First)
  • Cindy Black (FairVote WA/Fix Democracy First)
  • Julia Bobadilla-Melby (Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion/37th LD PCO)
  • George Cheung (FairVote WA)
  • Colin Cole (FairVote WA)
  • Rashad El-Amin (Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion/37th LD PCO)
  • Almaz Feissa (Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Tibor Horvath (FairVote WA)
  • Bennie Johnson (Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Paul Jackson (Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion/Art Institute of Seattle)
  • EJ Juarez (Amplify)
  • Adam Kuglin (Amazon)
  • David McClelland (Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion, 37th LD PCO)
  • Ali McKay (FairVote/Summit Law Group)
  • Elizabeth Mendoza (Perkins Coie)
  • Michelle Moore-Morris (Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Arthur D. Nelson (Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion, 37th LD PCO)
  • My Tam Nguyen (Blokable)
  • Tony Orange (Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Heidi Park (YWCA)
  • Phyllis Porter (Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion/37th LD PCO)
  • Charles W. Powell II (Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Gabriela Quintana (Latino PAC)
  • Laurie Rosini (Perkins Coie)
  • Dan Shih (Susman Godfrey)
  • Monique Taylor Swan (Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion, member SEIU 775)
  • Toby Thaler (Natural Resource Law and Policy)
  • Nick Wagner (fmr. King County Council)
  • Ryan Whitney (FairVote WA/Fix Democracy First, 43rd LD Dems VC, Our Revolution Washington)

Sponsored by FairVote WA for Seattle CA-27, 12345 Lake City Way NE #413, Seattle, WA 98125
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