Seattle Charter Amendment #27

Ranked Choice Voting in Seattle elections

We are in the signature-gathering phase! Please Join us in collecting signatures in the city of Seattle.

To the City Council of The City of Seattle: We, the undersigned registered voters of The City of Seattle, State of Washington, purpose and ask for the amendment to the City of Seattle Charter known as Charter Amendment No. 27 entitled:

BALLOT TITLE: Charter Amendment No. 27 concerns ranked-choice voting for Seattle municipal elections.

If passed, this charter amendment would create ranked-choice voting for Seattle municipal primaries or, if state law permits, eliminate primary elections and have ranked-choice voting for general elections. Ranked-choice voting would allow voters to rank candidates in order of choice. If a voter’s first choice received the fewest votes, then that voter’s second choice would be counted and so on, until only two candidates remained for a primary or if no primary was held, one candidate remained for a general election.

Should this measure be enacted into law?


View the full text of the charter amendment by CLICKING HERE.

Click HERE for a downloadable and printable copy of signature petition. All petitions should be printed on 11″x17″, white, at least 28# weight paper and be double-sided and black and white.

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